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2013 ACM ICPC South Central USA Regional Programming Contest

Live CD Information

We do have a good preliminary bootable CD working. We are on schedule for holding the contest on Linux!. Here is a preliminary list of RPMs that the system sill have installed. If we are missing something that you feel is essential, please drop us a note.

LiveCD Download - MD5 Sum: 1f28c19b0e24d19839c6f2d901b9b87e (about 1.4 GB)


Q: How do I boot the LiveCD?
A: The image needs to be downloaded and burned to a DVD, the term LiveCD is actually a misnomer.

Q: How do I log in?
A: When LiveCD boots, log in as either the liveuser which does not have a password or as the team user with the password team.

Q: How do I get root permissons?
A: From the Terminal, su - will elevate your permissions to root

Q: Why are my files missing when I reboot?
A: This is a LiveCD image of our contestant machine and it has no persistent storage, everything is held in RAM and is lost when the LiveCD OS is shutdown. During the competition you will have persistent storage and will not lose data on reboot.

Q: Why shouldn't I run this LiveCD for a long time on an unsecured network?
A: This is a testing image and is not designed with security in mind and should not be run in an unsecured network.

Q: What software is missing from this LiveCD image from what I will be using at the contest?
A: The PC^2 submission software is not present in the LiveCD.

Q: Can I use this inside of a virtual machine?
A: Yes, just download the LiveCD image and boot your virtual machine with it.

Q: What if I have additional questions or find a bug?
A: E-mail

Note: The environment is subject to change.